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How will we have a real Jurassic Park? [Biology]
posted April 4 2013 20:09.44 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Soon, is the answer... You see, there is this eccentric Australian multi - billionaire who has these ambitious plans to make both the Jurassic Park AND the Titanic II, (speaking of which, don't miss to watch this dramatic representation from NG). The Titanic II will be a perfect (and kinda upgraded) replica of the original ship. As for the Jurassic Park, there is a technical problem... There is absolutely no way to restore any useful part from dinosaurs, because DNA simply cannot live that long. Instead, Clive Palmer, (AKA eccentric Australian billionaire) has ordered 100 life-size dino-bots from China that he plans to run them on his north Australian resort...

[Link: DNews]

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