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Lightboard [Technology]
posted November 28 2013 4:19.55 by spic0m

Michael Peshkin - a professor of mechanical engineering - explains the needs and reasons made him create the Lightboard.

"I needed a technology that lets me draw highly visible sketches and equations as I lecture, lets me work with my drawings in a natural way, lets me face the camera, and captures video of good quality without a lot of post-production editing. Also, it wouldn't hurt to be able to superimpose computer-generated graphics, such as videos or powerpoint slides. And if I can superimpose graphics, I need to be able to watch myself in a monitor in order to point to the graphics or draw on them.

That's why I developed the Lightboard. The Lightboard consists of a 4x8 foot panel of architectural glass, lit internally from the upper and lower edges by bright white LEDs. Light travels to all parts of the glass by total internal reflection (TIR)."

[Link: Northwestern Lightboard]

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