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James Randi VS BBC Horizon on Homeopathy [Skepticism]
posted March 13 2014 10:45.49 by Giorgos Lazaridis

As you well know, James Randi Foundation offers 1 million grand ones to anyone who manages to prove that paranormal or magical really works. For many many years Randi had only some 200 claims for the million dollar prize mainly from amateur believers who really believed that they owned some sort of magical or divine powers.

But what happens when someone like BBC Horizon itself claims for the price???

In November 2002, the BBC's Horizon program tried to win Randi's $1,000,000 by demonstrating that there might be some science behind homeopathy. Horizon had the scientific experiments from two scientists with puzzling results proving that water has a memory and that a highly diluted remedy may actually have some sort of effect in human cells.

This was a really tough test for Randi. Both scientists along with their teams followed scientific methods for the experiments. But James Randi has a different approach knowing that humans can be decided by others and -even worst- can be self-deceived...

Definitely watch this video


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