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This man squared the circle by redefining Pi [Geometry]
posted March 13 2013 20:18.42 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This is the truly -and true- amazing story of the man who redefined Pi to solve the unsolved mathematical problem of squaring the circle. According to this problem, one must be able to draw a square that has exactly the same area of a circle. But this is where Pi enters and messes everything up. Since Pi is an irrational number (follow this link to learn what an irrational number is), the area of a circle can never be calculated with precision.

Edward Goodwin AKA Edwin was an amateur mathematician who had this crazy idea to redefine Pi as being 3.2 instead of 3.14......, and ALAS! The unsolved for centuries problem was suddenly solved! Edwin was so pleased with himself and his achievement that he wanted to copyright this proof so that anyone who wanted to use this proof (except the state of Indiana) would have to pay a certain amount to Edwin.

If you are not quite familiar with mathematics and geometry, solving such a problem by redefining Pi to something more convenient is like proving that there are dinosaurs in the center of the Earth by redefining Jules Verne's science fiction book into science fact paper...

Watch the following video because things turn even more ridiculous than that!

[Link: numberphile]

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