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Tube Amplifier under 300$ [Project]
posted June 18 2014 4:24.26 by spic0m

Daniel Kramnik showcases his homade tube amplifier:

"This is a summer project built between my junior year of high school and freshman year at MIT. I went through a few prototypes, figured out how to etched double-sided circuit boards, and learned a lot about amplifier construction in the process. Because I didn't want to take too many risks with such an expensive project (actually quite cheap for a tube amplifier - the total was well under $300), I used Fred Nachbaur's Minibloc SET design for the pre and power amplifier to ensure I built something that was guaranteed to sound good, but modified the power supply slightly. 1 watt of output power is easily enough to fill my dorm room with music with the right speakers."

All the presentation here.

[Link: Daniel Kramnik]

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