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Not your Grandpa's stereo [Project]
posted October 17 2013 6:26.49 by spic0m

It's a stereo/boombox that streams music over WiFi and also plays vinyl records. It has a built in music visualizer, an analog graphic EQ, and a few other tricks up it's sleeve. It's meant to be an all-in-one audio playing device with dynamic options for any music playing scenario. Here's a breakdown of it's features:

01) Using a Raspberry Pi, streams music over WiFi from your mobile device (using ShairPort, functions like Apple AirPlay)
02) Has a built-in turntable to play vinyl records (parts adapted from a vintage Yamaha YP-D4)
03) Has four built in mid-range speakers, two tweeters, and one subwoofer (parts adapted from Klipsche ProMedia 2.1, with two additional speakers)
04) Has an analog graphic equalizer with 7 effective frequency bands (parts adapted from JVC SEA-10 vintage EQ)
05) Has a 5" CRT monitor that functions as an analog music visualizer, behaving similar to an oscilloscope
06) Can switch output from internal speakers to external device (via RCA cables)
07) Can also output wirelessly, transmitting over a medium which is still TBD. Will be either over WiFi using the Raspberry Pi, or to a specific FM band using a mini FM transmitter.
08) Can take auxiliary input from any device via 1/8" audio jack.
09) The Raspberry Pi can be switched into arcade mode, using AdvanceMAME emulator to play classic arcade games on the 5" CRT. Current functional games include PacMan, Asteroids, and Space Invaders using a custom USB controller pad.

The visual design is very heavily inspired by vintage HiFi equipment. Its housed in a wooden case, and has a brushed aluminum faceplate with heavy-duty switches and knobs.

[Link: hardforum]

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