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Solder Paste Dispenser [Project]
posted July 3 2014 8:15.44 by spic0m

Geir Andersen posted his new creation @Let's Make Robots, its a DIY solder past dispenser based on a PICAXE controled stepper motor and 3D printed parts:

"As some of you know, my work is more and more related to SMD design.
I just love how compact and robust these designs can be. I have no problems soldering the components by hand but as I 19m moving in to the realm of reflow I wanted a solder past dispenser.
The professional ones are not that expensive but you need an air compressor and I was trying to avoid that extra cost and noise. So I came up with this design.

It uses a PICAXE M14 microcontroller and ULN2003 Darlington driver to run the 28BYJ-48 stepper motor. As a stepper the 28BYJ-48 sucks with its gear ratio, but for this purpose it is cheap and has lot of torque. For my type of work and one-off prototypes it works great. It is not as precise as a professional system that pulls the plunger back with a vacuum but its way better than a manual system or using a toothpick.
The system also has a trim-pot so that you can change the speed of the solder paste flow."

[Link: Let's Make Robots]

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