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100+ experiments in chemistry [Education]
posted October 24 2013 9:19.35 by spic0m

University of Tartu in Estonia, prepared over 100 videos demonstrating various chemistry experiments from reactions with oxygen, flame tests, separations of mixtures and all aspects of chemistry that correspond mainly to elementary and secondary school programs.

The purpose of this application is to make chemistry lessons more interesting by showing magnificient chemistry experiments through a video projector on the screen in front of a classroom. Some experiments are too dangerous or expensive and can't be carried out inside, also sometimes it is wise to show slow reactions faster and repeat fast reactions in slow motion.

This large-scale audiovisual teaching (or learning) material: "100+ Experiments in Chemistry" is freely available (and commercial free) via internet at: www.chemicum.com.
An effort worth spreading and utilizing it in schools or as an individual.

[Link: chemicum]

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