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NASA Plans to capture asteroid and mine it [Space]
posted April 8 2013 19:10.12 by Giorgos Lazaridis

There is already a budget of 100 million dollars to launch a mission aimed to help scientists understand asteroids better. NASA hopes that they will be able to intercept a small asteroid if it flies near by Earth (like it did in February, when it blew up over Russia), and send it into safe orbit using a technique similar to a lasso. It may then be possible to mine it for precious and rare metals such as Iridium, gold, diamonds...

Let's not forget that some time ago, the Chinese had proposed a similar idea...

[Link: Muon Ray]

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NASA Plans to capture asteroid and mine it [Space]

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  • At 10 April 2013, 17:09:48 user apolo8 wrote:   [reply @ apolo8]
    • I've been using them for some 3 years now, Probably not the same source. For Spam-bots, take a look at BBS and IRC...Obviously the best way to prevent Blue screens of death is not using Windows, less fot a shuttle ;-) , Linux is much MUCH Better.

  • At 10 April 2013, 15:48:24 user apolo8 wrote:   [reply @ apolo8]
    • For some 3 years now, and for Spam-bots, take a look in BBS.

  • At 10 April 2013, 15:43:06 user apolo8 wrote:   [reply @ apolo8]
    • and of course, not using windows, to prevent blue screens. Linux is much better!

  • At 10 April 2013, 15:40:30 user Giorgos Lazaridis wrote:   [reply @ Giorgos Lazaridis]
    • @apolo8 for how long have you been using their LEDs? And how do you know about spam-bots? You had a personal experience?

  • At 10 April 2013, 15:38:21 user apolo8 wrote:   [reply @ apolo8]
    • Well, I've been using their LED's for long and everything ok... posibly not the same source. And Spam_bots are everywhere, including EEUU.

  • At 10 April 2013, 15:29:19 user Giorgos Lazaridis wrote:   [reply @ Giorgos Lazaridis]
    • @apolo8 Hehe i do not have something personal with the Chinese, other than their LEDs totally suck and they killed my site with spam-bots about 2 months ago...

      Capturing an asteroid is always a bad idea. For if something goes wrong - If the computer of the shuttle gets a blue scree, then what???

  • At 10 April 2013, 15:17:10 user apolo8 wrote:   [reply @ apolo8]
    • You said it was a bad, BAD idea, when China said...Are you in a better position now than EEUU Nasa plans the same?

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