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Simple - Basic RF transmitter - receiver Circuit [Project]
posted October 19 2012 11:57.29 by Giorgos Lazaridis

An excellent upload from Chris [PyroElectro.com]! This time he made a very simple and easy to follow circuit of an RF receiver-transmitter pair. The transmitter sends bursts of 27MHz pulses to the antenna, with the help of a crystal oscillator for the 27MHz, and a 555 to control the burst duration and frequency.

Similarly simple is the receiver. The first stage is a regenerative circuit (autodyne) to filter and amplify the transmitted signal with an LC filter tuned at around 27MHz. Two stages of transistor amplifiers further amplify the received signal. A 555 chip connected as a comparator drives the red-green LEDs of the receiver.

Full documentation can be found in these pages:
  • Transmitter circuit
  • Receiver circuit

  • Thank you [Chris]

    [Link: PyroElectro]

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  • At 17 October 2015, 13:03:34 user samyak wrote:   [reply @ samyak]
    • can i control a motor ?
      can i control two leds?

  • At 1 March 2015, 11:02:44 user javad javadi wrote:   [reply @ javad javadi]
    • hi ilike electronic 27mhz wal;i tLKI

  • At 23 July 2014, 3:54:06 user Jim Benson wrote:   [reply @ Jim Benson]
    • I think this should work for when my dog wanders over my moms house next door. This is my very first RF project, I know the 555 well, I guess I,ll be able to control how far I'll let her go before it alerts me.

  • At 22 July 2014, 6:34:26 user janus wrote:   [reply @ janus]
    • cn i have the schematic diagram of this circuit? :D

  • At 16 May 2014, 21:23:13 user sai santosh nooney wrote:   [reply @ sai santosh nooney]
    • its good!

  • At 14 April 2014, 10:29:45 user Vaishali wrote:   [reply @ Vaishali]
    • what is its range?

  • At 2 February 2014, 21:16:23 user Kizzy Wizzy wrote:   [reply @ Kizzy Wizzy]
    • Hello....
      It is fantastic simple and portable..
      Can you help me to create my own one Rf transmitter and receiver.....?

  • At 30 December 2013, 4:34:03 user andrew wrote:   [reply @ andrew]
    • this is fantastic!!!!!

      but i have two question below :

      1.can this transmit pulse signals about 1500 bps?

      2.if i have two pairs of this system, will they disturb each other during operation for that the frequency is the same? any way to solve the problem? like change the frequency?

      this is just cool!!! you inspired me.

  • At 8 November 2013, 2:11:47 user Akash wrote:   [reply @ Akash]
    • Which version of Eagle is used?I tried it in Proteus but many problems.Please help me out;URGENT!!!! mail:bajracharya_akash123@hotmail.com

  • At 22 October 2013, 10:37:35 user habitamu asimare wrote:   [reply @ habitamu asimare]
    • i am very interseted on this site and i want to do somthing as well us learning more things on transmitter and reciever. so if you are volunter please notify to me learn more.more or less i like it thanks for i get it.

  • At 5 October 2013, 6:32:01 user Vaishnavi wrote:   [reply @ Vaishnavi]
    • I made same the RF Transmitter and Receiver circuit on bread board. Red LED was glow for both ckt, but Green led is not working,whn i pressed the switch button, so pls tell me wht is the problem.I sed 24Mhz crystal so any problem. Its urgent.....pls reply.....

  • At 29 July 2013, 19:07:35 user aman wrote:   [reply @ aman]
    • What is the reason exactly to use 434mhz frequency module?
      upto how much distance this frequency can detect by receiver?

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