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How to easily Electro-polish Aluminum [How To]
posted September 9 2014 8:31.55 by Giorgos Lazaridis

I was so excited to dig this video! Because I just hate polishing aluminum the old-fashioned way, and I just love polished aluminum. This method describes how one can use chemistry to polish an aluminum piece.

It only takes some pure phosphoric acid heated at around 75 degrees C and a power supply to do the job. A couple of stainless steel plates perform the negative electrodes. The aluminum piece is then connected to the positive source. An agitation method such as air bubbles (like the ones used in PCB etching) has to be used as well.

And then comes experience in to play. What current? How hot? How long? I do not think that this will take too long to figure out these numbers. And then voila! Polished aluminum without rubbing and sanding again and again. The result is quite good, not as good as the classic method though.

[Link: Applied Science]

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