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New Bidirectional Digital Isolator by Analog Devices [New Product]
posted March 25 2014 19:10.27 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Analog Devices announced the ADuM144x series, a 4-channel High Speed Low Power Digital Bidirectional Communication Isolator. The isolators draw extremely low quiescence current at 2.5V or 3.3V typical operation, in small 16-lead QSOP and 20-lead SSOP. It can be used in high temperature environments up to 125 degrees Celsius for speeds up to 2 Mbps

The ADuM1440/ADuM1441/ADuM1442/ADuM1445/ ADuM1446/ADuM1447 are micropower, 4-channel digital isolators based on the Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology. ( Dual-channel products available). Combining high speed, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and monolithic air core transformer technologies, these isolation components provide outstanding performance characteristics superior to the alternatives, such as optocoupler devices, while requiring the lowest power of any available isolation product. The ENX signals can be used to disable the internal refresh, which lowers the total quiescent current to less than 1 µA.

The ADuM1440/ADuM1441/ADuM1442/ADuM1445/ ADuM1446/ADuM1447 family of quad 2.5 kV digital isolation devices are packaged in a small 16-lead QSOP and 20-lead SSOP. While most 4-channel isolators come in 16-lead wide SOIC packages, the ADuM1440/ ADuM1441/ADuM1442/ADuM1445/ADuM1446/ADuM1447 frees almost 70% of board space and yet can still withstand high isolation voltages and meet regulatory requirements, such as UL and CSA standards (pending). In addition to the space savings, the ADuM1440/ADuM1441/ADuM1442/ADuM1445/ ADuM1446/ADuM1447 operates with supplies as low as 2.25 V.

Despite the low power consumption, all models of the ADuM1440/ ADuM1441/ADuM1442/ADuM1445/ADuM1446/ADuM1447 provide low, pulse width distortion <8 ns. In addition, every model has an input glitch filter to protect against extraneous noise disturbances.

Follow this link to get all the info from Analog Semiconductors on this new product

[Link: Analog Devices]

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