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FPGA Controlled Reflow Oven [Project]
posted January 22 2014 12:41.29 by spic0m

What a better way to make use of a present oven than to convert it to a reflow one!

"I wanted to assemble surface mount components, and to do this I need a reflow oven (the fry-pan method is just too crude!). Everybody on the internet seems to build their own, so I set about building one using a FPGA. Everything has been implemented inside the FPGA, without there being any software in the control loop.

The temperature control is achieved using a Finite State Machine and a preset profile (60 seconds preheat between 120C and 145C, then peak at 225C for 10 seconds.
Cool-down is achieved by opening the door when the 7-segment display flashes.
Mains switching is performed by a Solid State Relay wired in-line with an extension core.
The RS232/USB converter on the FPGA board is used to supply data to a host for logging, but it is not required for operation."

[Link: Hamsterworks]

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