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This is the future as professor Michio Kaku foresees [Science]
posted March 6 2014 19:18.11 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Do you think that the future will be fascinating? How far can your imagination run? In this following video professor Michio Kaku talks about the near (and not so near) future. Its not some kind of "thou shalt not be any illness nor cancer"... No no, its the real thing. Its the future for us as an extend of the present for physicists like Michio Kaku. And frankly its even more fascinating as i was thinking of. I mean, no one mentioned about flying cars and interstellar travel, but as i said its the real thing.

The evolution has already began. Moore's law works to our account. By 2020, computer chips will be as cheap as one penny. They will be embedded literally everywhere, in the walls, under the streets, in papers, in each and every thing. Even in contact lenses! Physicists are currently working on the future contact lenses with internet access! Imagine google glass with tons of computer power and new features added like face recognition, and practically invisible!

And how about body parts! We already can grow some body parts like ears, noses, skin, vessels, heart valves, bones, blood. Scientists try to grow more parts like liver within a few years. Invisibility is a thing of the future present! Scientists are now working on full visual invisibility. Teleportation is a thing of the present as well! In the University of Maryland scientists can teleport atoms from one chamber to another. Human teleportation may take quite a while to become real though...

And how about the brain power? Implanted chips can "read" a paralyzed man's thoughts and control a computer accordingly! This is not in a few years, not tomorrow, this is today!

You really need to see this hour-ling speaking of professor Kaku. You can safely start from minute 10 but you don't wanna miss the jokes :D

[Link: CUNY Queensborough]

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