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The 10 most ridiculous hacks shown on movies [Hack]
posted April 3 2013 19:01.02 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This happens to me every time when i see a movie with this "hacker" that hacks into a system using the most ridiculous way! Remember the independence day... The hacker used a Mac (hehehehe) to hack into the alien computers!!! AND UPLOAD A VIRUS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! I mean, these guys have the technology to travel light years, nevertheless their spaceship computers use iOS and they do not have Avast installed! COME ON!!!!

But that's nothing compared to the Number #1 ridiculous hack of this video. Guys, let's draw a line between "ridiculousness" and "stupidity", for this one has gone far beyond! I mean, this hurts! As the speaker says, there has to be a conspiracy behind this...

[Link: hackaday]

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