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TinyPrime [Project]
posted July 21 2014 13:52.21 by spic0m

Spacewrench, member at DorkbotPDX, build this tiny prime number generator:

"This is a rebuild of the TeensyPrime project I built a while ago, using a separate breadboard that's almost too small (I had to use magnet wire to fit some of the connections) and a microcontroller that's almost too small. The ATTiny13A is a neat chip: AVR with 1K of flash, 64 bytes of RAM and 64 bytes of EEPROM. I programmed it using a Teensy-2.0-based waldo running Ward Cunningham's TXTZYME.

The programming for this is actually kind of interesting. Every time you push the button, the AVR retrieves the currently-displayed number (which is stored in EEPROM), and then increments it, clicks the counter, and tests for primality. If the number isn't prime, it increments and clicks again. When a prime number is reached, it stops and waits for another button press. But how do you (relatively) efficiently test for primality of numbers when you only have 1K of Flash?"

[Link: DorkbotPDX]

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