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This DNA computer can calculate square roots
posted June 11 2011 19:30.16 by Giorgos Lazaridis

No matter how crazy it sounds, bio-computers are a reality. This test-tube computer made of DNA-based logic gates can calculate the square root of a number up to 15. It uses DNA replication and sequence binding to conduct computations. Speed is not the case with this primitive bio computer. It needs some 10 hours to complete a calculation. Nevertheless, it opens a new window to see to the future computers and chemical systems.

This invention comes from the California Institute of Technology. Researchers managed to engineer the most complex biomechanical circui ever created from a scratch. Follow this link to read more.

[Link: eurekalert]
Tags: inventions   research   crazy story   crazy designs   biotechnology   new materials   futuristic   innovations   

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