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Crocodile tears really exist [Random Knowledge #24]
posted March 14 2013 23:16.19 by Giorgos Lazaridis

You may have heard the phrase "crocodile tears". It means that one fakes crying and that the tears he sheds are not real.

This phrase comes from a strange behavior that crocodiles have when they are eating. For some reason that scientists have not really figured out, crocodiles do cry when they eat their pray. Of course they do not cry because they killed this poor cute gazelle... Some believe that these tears are the result of the hisses the animals make while devouring their prey. These hisses forces air through the sinuses and stimulates the lacrimal gland to produce excessive tears. Others believe that when crocodiles bite hard, they squeeze the tears out of their tear ducts. While some others believe that the tears are used to protect the eyes of the reptile when they violently try to subdue the prey.

One thing is for sure, they do not feel sorry...

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