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Arduino Ambilight TV with Processing [Project]
posted January 3 2014 1:27.39 by spic0m

Ambilight is basically the background light effect projected from some RGB LEDs mounted on the back of the TV or monitor screen, which automatically follows the color and brightness of the video content on the TV screen in real-time. This can create some very impressive visual effects and can also use for eye-easing purposes. The ambilight concept was developed and introduced by Phillips. There are ambilight TVs or ambilight systems commercially available but they tend to be very expensive.

Oscar Liang says:
"Before I had this idea, I found this post about the possibility of building something similar using Arduino and Processing, and I decided to make one for my 24 inch TV. The goal of this ambilight system should be cheap, easy to modify, no 1Cpass-through 1D device and useful to different sizes of TV or monitors. It provides a ambient light around the flat panel TV with the colors reflecting the color captured on screen. I name this project 1COzilight 1D just for fun. It might not look as good as the picture on the top of this post, but it will certainly make your TV or monitor screen look much cooler! :-D "

[Link: Oscar Liang]

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