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Threat Posed By Humans Accurately Assessed In This Interstellar Safety Video [Space]
posted January 19 2014 10:55.19 by spic0m

Writer and video-maker Tom Scott has a message for the known universe about this pesky species called humans, and their indomitable spirit or whatever.

There may or not be intelligent life out there. (There is. Somewhere.) In most movies about aliens, though, there appears to be no intelligent life in here. Humans as a whole are treated with the same lack of respect as deceased species member Rodney Dangerfield, this despite the fact of our genocidal tendencies. A new video soberly assesses the threat we pose, and warns all other galaxies and life forms accordingly.

"Danger: Humans" addresses some of the rumors and myths about us humans, supposedly for the Interstellar Safety Council. Created by writer and video-maker Tom Scott, and inspired by this widely shared Tumblr post, the video assesses the credible threat level Earthlings pose, finally painting us as the wildly dangerous weirdos we truly are. In the process, Scott unearths (badum-ching) some harsh truths many of us may not have considered.

Read the whole article here.

[Link: Fast Company]

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