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A DIY desktop clock from old HDD [Project]
posted January 14 2014 10:00.43 by spic0m

A unique and nicely executed effort to make an old HDD to a desktop clock, best thing is that is working flawlessly for the last 12 years!

"I got my hands onto this old hard disk about 20 years ago and the idea struck me to convert it into a clock with as little visible change as possible.

Unfortunately I had overestimated my electronic skills back then and so my first attempts using discrete ICs ended up in frustration. I put it aside and kept it in the drawer for years until I met the husband of my wife's friend who turned out to design electronic circuits to earn his living. We soon became friends and when I asked him he taught me all I needed to know and even provided me with a microcontroller development environment.

So about 10 years after the first attempt I got the thing working."

[Link: Wristscan]

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