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Internet addiction and how to control it [Psychology]
posted May 29 2013 14:08.46 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Many psychologists have tried to understand how people become addicted to the internet. One theory suggests that its because we actually can find nice things in the internet, maybe not many but still there are. Take for example youtube: One may crawl though youtube videos for many hours. Every now and then he finds an interesting video (to him), it could be something funny, or something of his scientific interest, or something that touched his emotions... His brain will then react with the typical "congratulation" feeling and hormones. Moreover, if he shares this video in the social network and he gets many "likes" and "shares", its positive social feedback on which we all are "addicted" from birth.

Additionally, study showed that our will power has limits and it can be exhausted. This probably happens when one is surfing through the net doing many tasks such as checking his new email, or posting on twitter, then looking his friend's wall, and then back on twitter, new youtube uploads, email again, and then RSS feeds....

Internet addiction is not classified as a disorder, but it is in suggested for further research...


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