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Briefcase Arcade [Project]
posted January 9 2014 11:26.26 by spic0m

Travis Reynolds wanted an arcade machine that can be carried wherever he wanted, so what's the best solution than an arcade in a briefcase!

"This project came about in an odd way. Where I work, we have an arcade club. Basically, a group of guys get together and play old school video games. The only problem is I am the only guy in the club that has an arcade we can use. So, after getting tired of hosting the arcade club every time we wanted to play, I started thinking about how to make an arcade portable. I finally arrived at the conclusion to make one into a briefcase. Also, I watched Iron Man 2 and saw Tony Stark put the Iron Man suit into one, so I figured I could put an arcade into one."

[Link: Right On Rydon]

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