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A comet is on a collision course with Mars [Space]
posted March 28 2013 21:10.22 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This video is just to remind us how fragile our world is. And also, how lucky we are to even exist, literally! On October 2014, Comet 2013 A1 has 1 in 2000 chances to hit Mars. Scientists believe that this will be most likely a near miss rather than a collision. But think how would you feel if you knew that in one year a massive comet might hit Earth with the speed of 200.000 Km per hour releasing about a third of the energy being released by the asteroid that sent the dinosaurs extinct? The comet has a diameter of 1 to 3 kilometers and it will release energy equivalent to 35 Million Megatons of TNT.

One thing is for sure: All NASA's probes will be watching out there!

[Link: Science At NASA]

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