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Fermi telescope discovered the origin of Cosmic Rays [Space]
posted February 25 2013 21:28.48 by Giorgos Lazaridis

First, what is a cosmic ray? A cosmic ray is mainly subatomic particles which travel into space, accelerated to nearly the speed of light. 90% of these particles are protons, and the rest 10% are electrons and atomic nuclei. Since these particles carry a charge, they can be deflected by certain magnetic fields, just like the Earth's magnetic field deflects the Sun's charged particles during a solar storm. This means that they do not travel into a straight line (like Gama rays do) but rather in a random pattern, making it impossible to track their origins directly.

There is another phenomenon that these charged particles can trigger. If they collide with other protons or electrons, they produce another particle called "Pion", which quickly decays into a burst of two gamma rays.

Scientists analyzed the data of 4 years from the Fermi telescope, from two supernova remnants known as IC 443 and W44. Until now we were not quite sure if this gamma ray emission was caused by cosmic-ray protons colliding with electrons or other protons, because they both produce similar energy level light. But after using very sensitive equipment, Fermi scientists managed to discover some sort of a fingertip for a proton-proton collision...

[Link: SpaceRip]

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