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New PIC offers high accuracy PWM with closed loop feedback capability [New Product]
posted March 25 2014 15:57.41 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Microchip announced a new low cost PIC microcontroller. The PIC12(L)F1571/1572 series offers high accuracy PWM drive with closed loop feedback capability, mTouchTM capability, EUSART for serial communication and all this in an 8-pin small package.

The integration of three 16-bit PWMs and a Complementary Waveform Generator (CWG), supported by analog and a EUSART for serial communication, enables high-precision PWM drive and closed-loop feedback control in a compact 8-pin package.

The three full-featured 16-bit PWM modules integrated into PIC12(L)F157X MCUs offer independent timers, multiple PWM output modes (standard and centre-aligned for improved EMI performance), as well as four compare modes. The 16-bit PWMs provide fine resolution drive capability for motor, LED lighting and other applications. The addition of a powerful CWG to create complementary PWM outputs provides fine control of key parameters such as polarity, dead band and emergency shutdown states. The combination of these core-independent peripherals enables cost-effective and space-saving signal generation for driving FETs in motor-control and power-conversion applications.

On-chip analog peripherals, such as 10-bit ADCs, a comparator and 5-bit DAC, also mean that the PIC12(L)F157X MCUs can be used for closed-loop control as well as touch applications using mTouchTM technology. This is the lowest cost 8-bit PICĀ® MCU with a EUSART, which enables serial communication, including LIN for industrial and automotive applications.

Follow this link to check out this new MCU and download the datasheet.

[Link: Microchip]

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