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The future of technology for all sort of things - in one image
posted May 16 2011 19:57.39 by Giorgos Lazaridis

No, we still cannot predict the future of technology, but we certainly can try! This is what technologist Michell Zappa has done, with this infographic named "Envisioning technology". Click on the image bellow to enlarge it. Then locate the "now" bubble, and start reading from there, how Michell Zappa envisions the future of technology. You have the right to agree, disagree or remain silent.

"Envisioning technology" is a speculative and subjective overview of potential future technologies. Based on personal research and observations, this map is intended to facilitate predictions of where the technium is going, as well as provoke thought and stimulate debate.

[Link: Michell Zappa]
Tags: artistic   crazy photo/video   futuristic   unsolved mystery   

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