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Yet another marble machine
posted January 31 2011 21:29.42 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This marble machine is a creation of denha. Although there are more impressive and complicated marble machine in youtube, this one is special because of the mechanical "arm" that is used to raise the balls. Brilliant design!

[Link: denha]
Tags: games and fun   mechanical   physics   marble machine   

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  • At 7 February 2011, 14:03:48 user Kammenos wrote:   [reply @ Kammenos]
    • no not really i did not know. but i will check this link. i was very amazed when i saw the first marble machine, but it turned to be just a simple marble machine. people have make unbelievable marble machines! this one is nice because of the raising mechanism. i like it!

  • At 7 February 2011, 13:50:54 user Jordon wrote:   [reply @ Jordon]
    • This rock! Did you know that there is a general rule to pro marble machine making? They must have a design, complexity, tracks, special parts and, last but not least, decoration! A marble machine wouldn't look nice without scenery!


      The secret behind marble machines

      First, a good marble machine must make loads of noise to attract folks. Second, it must have loops, spirals and loads of other things! Third, it must be self-sufficient, that is to say, have a motor so that it can run unattended! Fourth, it must be unique! Unique marble machines are nicer to see than the boring just-spiral-and-loop types! Fifth, it must have scenery! Good marble machines have themes. Check out more at http://marblemmachines.blogspot.com !

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