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At last, a Fuel Cell Recharger gadget
posted March 4 2011 21:55.51 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This is how i imagine the (very near) future. I will get my phone, and i will plug in the newly recharged fuel cell. Then, i will put the other fuel cell for recharging, and i will add some water in the recharger. Right now it sounds too futuristic, but as a matter of fact it is not.

Researchers have finally transferred experimental fuel cells from the lab to hand-held recharging stations that can replenish batteries in regions where electricity is scarce—from campsites to third-world outback.

University of Michigan spinoff SiGNa Chemistry Inc. claims to have solved the fuel cell problem, at least for small devices, with a replaceable hydrogen-bearing cartridge that can be used to generate electricity anywhere a tablespoon of water is available. Fuel cells were supposed to rescue automobiles from the need for fossil fuels by consuming clean hydrogen instead of gasoline, but unfortunately the rigorous specifications for safety and longevity has put all-electric cars ahead of fuel cells for transportation power. However, for small devices like cell phones, SiGNa's new Mobile-H2 cartridges can supply the hydrogen needed to recharge batteries anywhere that line power in unavailable. Read the full article here.

[Via: electronics-lab]    [Link: smartertechnology]
Tags: futuristic   innovations   hydrogen   cool gadget   chemistry   

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