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What is our future as mankind? Do we have one? [Future]
posted February 17 2013 21:15.27 by Giorgos Lazaridis

According to the Kardashev scale, there are 3 types of civilizations. Type I civilization is able to harvest and control all the energy of Earth, between 16 and 17 Watts. A Type II civilization is able to harvest the energy of its own star, like our Sun, about 4 x 1026 watts. A Type III civilization is able to control the energy of a galaxy like our Milky Way, some 4 x 1037 Watts.

So, where do we stand? Well, we're on our way to become a Type I civilization, most likely within the next 100-150 years. This switch from Type 0 to Type I is a critical point where mankind will either become a Type I civilization, or it will destroy itself. That is because, mankind will have access to technology that today we cannot even conceive, but still we carry some of the savagery of the past, the passion for power and imperialism.

The following video is a perfect 6 minutes speech from professor Michio Kaku regarding the types of civilizations, our state in the timeline and the possible future outcome.

[Link: Big Think]

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