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Energy by fusion is only 20 years away [Science]
posted March 19 2013 20:36.42 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Right now we live in an era where we discover new sources and new ways to generate and store energy. Solar energy, carbohydrates, chemicals and other energy sources are all in the field. Currently the most efficient energy comes by burning fossil fuel. But in a short time frame, solar energy seems that will be the most efficient and cheap method.

Professor Michio Kaku talks about the energy of the future, which is fusion. Fusion is what keeps our sun burning for over 5 billions years. Fusion is when two atoms are combined under extreme pressure to generate one heavier atom. The generated atom is slightly lighter than the overall weight of the combined atoms. The weight that was lost is converted into energy.

As an example, our sun fuses about 600 billion kilograms of hydrogen each second to generate 595 billion tons of the heavier helium. The 5 billion tons lost in the process is converted into energy.

Michio Kaku believes that fusion will be realized within the next 20 years. Watch the following very interesting video:

[Link: Big Think]

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