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To google or NOT to google?
posted April 5 2011 19:33.24 by Giorgos Lazaridis

I use google too, but not always, really! There are many other search engines that specialize in specific searches, and yet people do not know them! As a matter of fact, google has become a synonym to "search", just like Xerox became a synonym to "print". Luckily, Kevin Purdy from lifehacker did us the favor to gather some of these mostly unknown search engines in a page. Among this list, i use a lot Duckduckgo and Wolfram Alpha.

ADD to this list: If you search for images, do not forget to visit also imagery. And the promising TinEye which is a reverse image search engines! You upload an image (or you point to an image's URL) and TinEye searches for the same image in the web. Cool eh?

[Link: lifehacker]
Tags: theory/tutorial   pc related   tips   trick   google   

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