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DIY Small Size Air Compressor on the Cheap
posted May 1 2014 20:00.18 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Sometimes you need a tool to operate a tool, and this project fits to this case. And sometimes you need just the right tool, no bigger no smaller. And this is the case.

I made this small air compressor to operate my pneumatic solder paste dispenser unit. The smallest sir compressors in the market were 25 liters. The dispenser can operate just fine with 5 liters or less because it draws a very small volume of air each time. Plus, i will not run a PCB production so i need this for say 10-20 parts each time. Filling a 25 liter tank is costy and noisy.

This air compressor utilizes the compressor of an old refrigerator that i was going to throw away. The motor is dead silent. Compared to the noise of a 25 liter air compressor this one is totally silent. Plus, you pay only what you use. The small tank is enough to run 200 cycles in one fill and its only a few liters.

You can find all the details in this link: DIY Small Size Air Compressor on the Cheap Worklog

[Link: pcbheaven]

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  • At 2 May 2014, 11:16:59 user cheerio wrote:   [reply @ cheerio]
    • very nice build. i like how silent it is!

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