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Electric bikes are out of the question - ridiculous idea
posted March 5 2011 20:32.49 by Giorgos Lazaridis

There are some things that just cannot change, some things that simply cannot become green. Can you imagine a Eurofighter armed to the bone, with a green engine that can pass Euro5? It just don't work. This is exactly how it goes with street fighter bikes. They cannot, C A N N O T go green. I mean, ok, a scooter could go green, a moped as well, a commuter maybe, but a street fighter? GIVE ME A BREAK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! These bikes are made to spread terror, shock and awe, to hide a shitload of horse power and release it on a twist of the wrist. What is this lame??? Sorry guys, but this is the bare truth.

And talking about motorcycles, i have something else to add: "GIVE 2T A CHANCE!!!"

[Link: gizmag]
Tags: auto/moto   battery   mechanical   research   commercial   environment   green   ridiculous   

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