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PIC - Digital Tachometer/RPM Counter
posted January 27 2011 19:49.43 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Chris from pyroelectro send us his latest project. Based on the PIC 18F452, he made a tachometer and RPM counter. An IR transmitter/receiver pair is connected to the microcontroller. The PIC then measures how many times the beam is cut, and from this count the speed can be calculated. In the following video, Chris put a PC fan between the IR pair. The fins of the fan cut the IR beam and the real speed of the fan is shown on an LCD display. You can see a detailed documentation of this project here. Thanks [Chris]

[Link: pyroelectro]
Tags: electronic project   lcd   diy   microcontroller   pic   

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  • At 25 March 2013, 19:18:23 user mobi wrote:   [reply @ mobi]
    • hi can u edit this program for pic16f877a
      i need it for my project

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