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The BJT Transistor Theory - My first TEDIE Book [Theory]
posted November 14 2013 7:47.45 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Greetings to the first TEDIE Book!. My very first effort to write a pair of books (theory and practical examples) based on the real needs of the amateur electronic enthusiasts. TEDIE stands for Topic Evolution through Demands and Ideas of the Enthusiasts. And here is how it will work.

I have written a theory book regarding this topic. You can find the link for the book bellow. You can download it for free and you're encouraged to freely distributed without my written permission, as long as you maintain the contents unchanged. Meanwhile, I've introduced a forum board dedicated for this purpose (find the link to the forum board bellow - You can use TWITTER as well @pcbheaven).

This theory book is the "Kick Start" for the whole project and therefore I call it "Kick Start Book".

Gradually, I will upload circuits related to this theory, transistor amplifiers, using the transistor as a switch, current sources, voltage sources etc. All these circuits will be analyzed thoroughly with references to the theory book.

Tell us what the Amateur Enthusiast really wants to know!

And here is where the fun begins! These circuits will compose the second book that comes in pair with the Kick Start. I call this book "Pair Book" and it will have the practical examples to support the theory. An online version of the circuits with videos and animations will also exist. You can participate in the forum discussion and affect the contents of this Pair Book. Discuss your ideas and suggest any changes. Suggest a circuit. My job is to find the interesting demands and suggestions and include them in the Pair Book.

Experience dictates that amateurs have always amazingly interesting questions and suggestions. Share them with us.

Link to the Kick Start book: The BJT Transistor Theory
Link to the forum board: http://www.pcbheaven.com/forum/index.php?board=30.0
Use TWITTER as well - @pcbheaven

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  • At 27 February 2014, 3:05:58 user Thabo Petja wrote:   [reply @ Thabo Petja]
    • I'm interested in knowing the electric circuits and hw they operates

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