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Scientists can control the brain or living cockroaches! [Science]
posted June 26 2013 13:48.27 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Directly from the dark side of science! Scientists figured out how to control the motion of real (and i mean real and live) cockroaches. They developed a small back-pack which has electrodes connected to the antennas of the bug. The electrodes stimulate the antennas making the cockroach to think that there is some sort of wall or obstacle ahead (something like the carrot and the donkey per say). The backpack can be controlled by a smartphone.

There are of course some discussion that has to be done regarding the ethical part of this gadget. Do these insects feel pain? How about fear? Are we allowed to use this and mess with their brains?

BTW: There is this person that i know who can faint in front of a cockroach... Imagine her reaction if the roach was hunting her!!!


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