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Macro Pi - Focus Stacking using Raspberry Pi [Project]
posted January 31 2014 4:06.37 by spic0m

David Hunt re-purposed an old flatbed scanner as a macro rail for focus stacking images in macro photography.

"There's a common issue with shooting macro photography, and that's the limitation in depth of field (or depth of focus). It can be as little as 0.5mm, depending on the camera settings and magnification you're trying to achieve. A solution to this is to take several images, each one moving closer to the subject by a tiny amount. Each image will have a different part of the subject in focus. You can then combine all the sharp parts of the images together using some free software called CombineZM, and end up with a completely sharp image from front to back of the subject. The difficulty with this is moving the camera accurately at such small distances. Once solution is to turn the zoom ring on your lens slightly, but that's still hit-and-miss on highly magnified images (1:1 and smaller). Commercial solutions can cost as much as $600, including controller.

So, I came up with the idea of re-purposing an old flat-bed scanner that I had in the attic gathering dust. It's so old, that the most recent drivers available for it are for Windows XP. So it hasn't been used in a couple of years. Being a scanner capable of 2400 dpi, it was definitely accurate enough, but would it be able to move a 3KG camera and lens? If I could get at the stepper motor to drive the scan element, maybe I could attach a camera to it and move it in very fine increments, ideal for macro photography."

[Link: David Hunt]

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