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POTONG6 - Potentiometer and Slide switch breakout [Project]
posted November 30 2013 10:34.03 by spic0m

matseng posted this small utility board in the Dangerous Prototypes forum.

"Sometimes I need a pot or two when I test a design on a solderless breadboard and it's always a PITA to fit the pots into the breadboard, same thing with switches. So I made the POTONG6 that is a SOB DP8049-sized breakout board with six small (10x10mm) potentiometers and six small slide switches for easy connection to a breadboard.

As can be seen in the picture there's a lot of jumpers on the board. Each pot can have its terminals jumpered to vcc & gnd and only have the wiper connected to the breadboard (good when you only want a variable voltage), or all three terminals can be accessed individually.

Same thing with the switches. Either connected to vcc/gnd via resistors and you only connect the common to the breadboard or remove the jumpers and have access to all three terminals."

[Link: Dangerous Prototypes]

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