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First digital camera [Technology]
posted December 3 2013 11:50.16 by spic0m

Today the world can easily be captured in 1s and 0s for our viewing pleasure. The hardware behind this capability all started as a DIY lab project in 1974 to test out some new gear, and the result was a Frankenstein-like device that would eventually lead to world-changing advances in photographic technology.

The image showed a clear silhouette, but what should have been details was just a sea of static. The camera had worked, but it still had a ways to go. After some troubleshooting, however, Steve Sasson realized that the playback unit had just jumbled the bit order. Only the distinct 1s and 0s (black and white) had displayed correctly, leaving the remaining parts of the image a distorted mess. With an hour's worth of tinkering, he managed to fix the output problem and was able to view the first successful digital photograph.

[Link: engadget]

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