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Title: Staircase lighting
Post by: Darren on May 03, 2012, 11:41:50 AM
Hi, i'am a newbie in electronic world, i have two idea in mind which i can't do it without your advice.

Idea 1
I would like to make my staircase look more brilliant with led lighting which will light-up follow to the step I climb. For example, if my staircase have 20 steps, and I had climb to the fifth steps, the led lights of step 1 to 5 will light-up. And for the opposite, if I step down from the step, the light will light-up the other sequence.

Idea 2
Using a PIR sensor to turn on the staircase LEDs in sequence and will off automatically after a period of time.

Title: Re: Staircase lighting
Post by: kam on May 03, 2012, 15:19:30 PM
hello darren, welcome to the forum.

Do you want to make the controller yourself, or you want a commercial solution? I know that Alan has some nice stair gadgets. Check it out: