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Title: Hello All, let me introduce myself
Post by: kam on March 01, 2008, 21:59:40 PM
Hello all!

My name is Giorgo and i live in Greece. I 30 years old. I start making some electronic projects from the early ages. Very simple like turning on a bulb and things like that but for me then it was like the man walking to moon (actually i really do not believe that ban has walk on moon yet).
I took some courses over mail at the age of 13 (and i mean snail mail because when i was 13 there was no internet at least here in Greece). These courses was about radio and television. I remember also that they had sent me a bag with testing equipment and some electronic materials. it was great!
Very soon, a book fall to my hands. This book was about to change my entire life. This book was a manual with all pinouts and description of the High speed CMOS. That was it. It really took me. I loved it.  was reading and reading and reading and then... i found bread boards! In a matter of days, i start playing with cmos and after a while ttl and so on.

Now i know much more than when i was 13. I use mainly PIC micros and i really like digital electronics more than analog. I do not really like radio and cb like many people do. I prefer computers and some binary staff. I can program in a lot of different languages like C and visual basic, but my favorite is Assembly which is the only one that i use when programming PICs. I never use C for PICs. I really want to have control over it.

Well, that's all about me. I really like to read some for you.

Hoping that you will like my site and that you will participate in our forum, i would like once more to welcome you to PCB Heaven!

Title: Re: Hello All, let me introduce myself
Post by: Alex on March 01, 2008, 22:43:44 PM