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Your projects / Palmsize quadcopter
« Last post by allan on July 09, 2016, 06:52:36 AM »

recently DIY a new design.---Palmsize quadcopter
Gald to share with you some of my opinions.

In the control of aircraft flying, there are the following technical difficulties:

First of all, it is not only affected by various physical effects during the flight, but also very easy to be disturbed by the external environment, it is difficult to obtain the accurate performance parameters.

Secondly, the micro four rotor unmanned aerial vehicle is a system with six degrees of freedom, and only four control inputs. It has the characteristics of multi variable, nonlinear, strong coupling and interference sensitivity, which makes the design of flight control system become very difficult.

Thirdly, it is necessary to eliminate the cumulative error by using the gyro to detect the attitude of the object, and how to establish the error model and the cumulative error of the integrated navigation system is an engineering problem.

These three problems are solved successfully or not, which is the key to realize the autonomous flight control of Micro Four rotor unmanned aerial vehicle, which has very important research value.

It is worth mentioning at this point that the pcb board that i bought from a chinese pcb manufacturer--PCBGOGO, the best manufacturer that i had used ,i only cost 10$ for 10 PCS . and I was so impressed by the speed fabricate time and the lead time . recommend !
If you have other better ideas about Palmsize quadcopter  ,i'd like to discuss with you.any opinion will be greatly appreciated.


Your projects / Re: LED Fan Controller.
« Last post by kam on July 08, 2016, 23:19:13 PM »
Yes, these LEDs will work for you like charm.
Hmmmm... start from a scratch... Well, you have a lot to learn, and I mean a lot! Not only you have lots of theory to learn, you have also lots of experience to gain. So, here is what you can do. First provide yourself staff like these:

- A set of carbon resistors 1/4 Watt (example)
- A set of electrolytic capacitors (example)
- A set of ceramic capacitors (example)
- Solderless PCBs AKA breadboards (example) I sugegst this 830-points
- Breadboard wires (example)
- Definitely some transistors, NPN and PNP. For your job you can go with the good old BC337/338 NPNs and their pars (BC327 PNP).
- Some chips such as the 555 timer will be useful as well.
- Potentiometers, (example)

Then try to make your circuit on the breadboard instead. This will consume your next couple of months... Try to replicate circuits such as linear or PWM LED controllers.

Then you can move one with eaglePCB software to start designing your PCB. Remember that you can always use pre-perforated PCBs to make your circuits, although for me this is a terrible idea and never had something decent made on such boards. When you have the PCB design you can either DIY at home (which requires more experience and search around), or you can order them online for some 10-15 USD per 10PCBs. There are some stores like seed studio and dirt cheap PCB
Your projects / Re: LED Fan Controller.
« Last post by Johnathan Barrett on June 29, 2016, 00:05:24 AM »
My son pointed out to me a product that he was looking at, http://www.ebay.com/itm/NZXT-AC-HUEPS-M1-HUE-PLUS-Smart-RGB-Color-Changing-Digitally-Controlled-LED-PC-L-/262374948851?hash=item3d16c3fff3:g:luEAAOSwAvJXBsi-

And we can see that somebody did the same thing we we're thinking about in this video with this product:
We're willing to skip the fan controller, or at least put in on the back burner for now. We want to focus on the RGB installation for some fans he's got kicking around.

Oh the parts list you gave me I already have a few of these kicking around from some model train sets I collected as a kid.

I've read into your articles that you recommended but unfortunately it's ancient Greek to me.  Any chance you can give me a legend on what the symbols mean and where we can create our own? My son is smart, WAY smarter then me. (As soon as he learns that I am doomed. ;D ) He's willing to undertake the challenge of building his own circuit board. We've purchased some copper plates and theirs a Staples (Canada's Home office and printing supply store.) that we're planning on printing this board onto. He says he really wants to build this from scratch and not have ready made parts. Trying to convince him otherwise is like moving a mountain.

I have another question, Will any 4pin RGB LED work? (ie, if we want to make it yellow, will just the blue and green turn on and cut power to red?) Because I bought these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/100pcs-5MM-4pin-Common-Anode-Diffused-RGB-Tri-Color-Red-Green-Blue-LED-Diodes/121727086096?_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982&_trkparms=aid%3D777000%26algo%3DABA.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D37252%26meid%3D5024609cd3784c2ab13061d2cd599f81%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D112012764096

They're 100, 4pin RGB LED's. I should of asked before I bought them.
Your projects / Re: LED Fan Controller.
« Last post by Johnathan Barrett on June 28, 2016, 21:45:21 PM »
Hey thanks for the reply. This is a great place to start! I will update you when I have begun the project.  :D
WHOIS / Re: Hello! :D
« Last post by kam on June 25, 2016, 13:21:15 PM »
Welcome Jonathan!
Your projects / Re: LED Fan Controller.
« Last post by kam on June 25, 2016, 13:20:24 PM »
Johnathan, I like you! Let your son see how you do the research so he leans how to learn.

Ok, First of, since this is your first project, break it down to many sub-projects. If you try to make a 6-fan controller instead of six 1-fan controllers, you will fail. Also, do not mess with programmable microcontrollers by no means. It is way to early and definitely not necessary for now. So for the fan controllers i suggest this little circuit:
High Frequency PWM Fan Controller

Then, you need 3 more PWM controllers, one for each LED color (RGB).  Here is one circuit:
An LED Array PWM Dimmer with the 555

But I suppose that you cannot convert a schematic to PCB and you cannot develop a PCB right? In that case, you can ebay staff! For example:

This linear regulator is not PWM but it will do the job for the price of 1.3 Euro each.

As for the LEDs, well

This controller can handle one color, so you need 3. Or yu can go with a wireless one:

You may need to modify this one just a little bit.


as far as i can tell, what you need is a way to drop your car's voltage down to 12V. the 555 cannot operate at higher than 15V.
So, I suggest that you use the 7812 IC. It can provide up to 1A of current (with a good heat sink) which is perfect for you since your LED strips will draw as much as 420mA. use this chip to get the 12V and then get all the +V of the circuit out of this chip instead of your bat.
A plus is that the brightness of the LEDs and the current will always remain stable since the chip will always provide 12V regardless of the car's voltage.
Remember to use a good heatsink for the 7812 as it may be required to dissipate as much as 3 Watts of heat

at 600mA current and 17V input voltage it is
(17-12) X 0.6 = 3Watt
Your projects / LED Fan Controller.
« Last post by Johnathan Barrett on June 24, 2016, 23:54:41 PM »
Hello, new to the forum and website.

My son wants to work on a project kind of like this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Color-Changing-Digital-PC-Fan-Controller/. But we have no clue what we're doing (When I say "we" I mean "me".) I downloaded the PDF that he mentioned in there to make the circuit board layout but it wasn't there sadly. To be brutally honest with you all. My area of work is a customer service representative, and I in no way understand how to read a circuit board let alone design my own. I am reaching out for help, any direction you point me into I will gladly fallow.

So, Let's begin!

My son wants to make a RGB LED + Fan controller, I guess that's the best way I can explain it.

-He want's to be able to hook up his 6 PC fans that he has in his computer.
-Change the lighting to what ever color he chooses.
-When the PC is idle, and not being used for games or 2D applications, he wants to be able to dial down the speeds of the fans so that it doesn't sound "like a rocket."
-He want's to be able to control it via a executable file he's learning to make. 

We're not looking for anybody to do the work for us.
We are looking for help on this project and everybody is welcomed to join us.
WHOIS / Hello! :D
« Last post by Johnathan Barrett on June 24, 2016, 23:32:39 PM »
Hello everybody, my name is Johnathan, pleased to meet everybody!

I am here to learn about circuit boards for a project I am working on.  My knowledge is very limited, in fact I am about as green as they come.

My son wants to work on a project this summer and I told him I would help him.

We're working on a RGB LED Fan controller.

He wants to be able to change the color of his LED's on his PC fans as well as change the speeds when his computer is preforming 2D applications and doesn't need the heavy RPM's. I look forward to  hearing your thoughts and opinions. Any help would be great nothing big and nothing small.

Johnathan Barrett.
Your projects / Re: Dark-Activated Switch--LDR Project
« Last post by MarvKern on June 23, 2016, 17:40:30 PM »
Hi..i am a hardware design engineer. I worked on many basic projects and as per my knowledge replace the 100K resistor with an 100K potentiometer first. This will give you freedom to setup the brightness. Also replace the 330ohm resistor with a smaller one, such as 220 or less. Also, add a 1K resistor in series with your potentiometer to prevent overcurrent through the base.

complete pcb
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