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Author Topic: Trying to make an inrunner motor with torque  (Read 3691 times)

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Trying to make an inrunner motor with torque
« on: September 12, 2014, 07:35:12 AM »
I've been learning about brushless motors and electronics as I try to make a motor that will attach directly to a skateboard wheel.   My last attempt...was a learning experience, with an outrunner.  It's too vulnerable and relies on too many things which
Are not reliable: little bearings, straight skate axle, perfect centering and facing.  There's a pic below.  I never got it better than .007" off and it was way way imbalanced.   

An inrunner in the skate axle is the way to go and with stout bearings on the end I've decided.  Getting the necessary torque with an inrunner and no gearing is my only concern this time.  Theres roughly 24cm by 55mm space to between the wheels on a skate truck within which I'd like to make an inrunner.  So no gearing and there presents the obstacle: can an inrunner within those dimensions be made (by me) with enough poles and turns to get a kv as low as 125 and still be able to take roughly 50 amps continuously (I think) and not burn up or become saturated.
?thats my question? 
If it's reasonably possible I'll go for it again


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Re: Trying to make an inrunner motor with torque
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2014, 03:01:41 AM »
what exactly do you want to accelerate?