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Author Topic: DIY gaussmeter  (Read 7406 times)

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DIY gaussmeter
« on: July 29, 2016, 17:23:24 PM »
I started out making a DIY sheet metal brake for bending salvaged material to fabricate enclosures for various projects, which like many projects, led through various meanders, one of which was a DIY gaussmeter to measure magnetic field strength (the sheet metal brake uses magnets instead of the usual clamps).

The gaussmeter is made from an inexpensive hall effect sensor, and designed to be an attachment/plugin to a multimeter - so doesn't need a lot of components, fancy microcontroller programming etc.

For anybody interested, I've documented the project with full schematic, PCB (for those that want to make a DIY PCB instead of just using perfboard or smilar) and construction notes at the following link: