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Author Topic: Small lcd screen displaying simple engine parameters  (Read 8719 times)

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Small lcd screen displaying simple engine parameters
« on: October 19, 2016, 18:48:47 PM »
Hello George, hello everybody.
I want to monitor four parameters of a two cylinder, two stroke engine, such as rpm, total engine hours, temperature and battery charging voltage on a small lcd screen. I'd like all of them to be displayed at the same time and have a fast refresh rate. What PIC should fit the job? What kind of sensor is recommended for engine temp monitoring?
Any kind of recommendations will be much appreciated.


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Re: Small lcd screen displaying simple engine parameters
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2016, 11:23:14 AM »
Hello felix,
first of all, is this addressed for a motorcycle? because 2C2S... I wonder what bike that is!

Anyway, for temperature you will definitely choose a termocouple. Try a J or K type. K goes up to 900-1000 degrees, J will be more precise though for your application.
As for the PIC... well, get something that has more than you need, as PIC are not that expensive. 16F family is more than enough for your application. So, 16F1939 is OK. It largely depends on the screen that you will use, rather than the sensors.