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Author Topic: "BOOK" does this object belongs to the past???  (Read 9171 times)

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"BOOK" does this object belongs to the past???
« on: October 17, 2011, 01:49:20 AM »
Hello to all !!!!!!
I was having a conversation with my friend Kam few days ago,so i created this poll to vote TRULY what  do you REALLY prefer...
As you know we live in a world where technology has reached very high levels.We can be very "flexible" when we use it as it is suppose to be used.So to our consideration i would like you to vote and then explain why you vote this object describing some advantages   that you cannot find in the object that you didn't vote ...

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Re: "BOOK" does this object belongs to the past???
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2011, 18:15:52 PM »
So, to make things clear, since pike kinda altered them...

I told him that, if someone wants to do a research for something, and NOT read a novel or the lord of the rings, then he will certainly need a book and an e-book is not very helpful.

As a matter of fact, i currently run a research regarding transistors. I am re-writing the transistor theory. I have about 4 books opened on my desktop simultaneously, and i get info from all 4 books (simultaneously) to write my theory page. Pike says that he can have 4 pdf documents opened simultaneously on one e-book, and that he can read and get info from both 4 books (pdfs) simultaneously, as easy as i can do it with my old-fashioned paper books. In other words, he claims that he can compare (for example) 4 mathematics formulas found on these books or he can compare 4 schematics, referring to common collector amplifier.

His best argument to support his opinion, is that with an e-book you can carry a ton of books with you with ease. To fish some "e-book" clicks on his poll, he used this argument as a poll topic, something that reminds me mc-donnald advertisement.

So, before you vote, think:

- Who needs to carry with him a ton of e-books? (librarians are excluded).
- If you do carry a ton of e-books with you, what are you going to do them?
- If you have already download 1000 e-books on your PC, frankly speaking, how many of them do you read frequently (i am NOT talking about novels, i am talking about science or electronic books) ?
- If you do use some of the downloaded e-books, would you prefer them to have them as paper-books or not?
- Can you compare info (math, schematics, drawings etc) from 4 sources on one e-book screen?

Come on Pike, admit it, you are wrong. You may only find support from another forum, not related to electronics or science, but related to novels, romance books, history etc...

Pike, the poll title is dirty cheap trick, and this exactly is why i did not change it :P