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Sure 2416 LED Matrix Clock Project
posted May 13 2010 7:54.53

mrnick1234567 took 2 x Sure 2416 LED matrixes, an arduino and came up with a large 10x14 number font matrix clock. The displays are driven using code written by Westfw and for more info you can check here.

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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   clock   led   microcontroller   arduino   

LED Control Deck Mod
posted May 5 2010 17:57.04

nox771 took a Deck keyboard which is really nice and made an awesome mod of it. Deck has illuminated keys with a single led for each one but is either all on or all off, that changed dramatically since now each led is controlled individually giving the oportunity for some fantastic light paterns. In the site you can watch videos from various paterns and a detailed step by step explanation. Now i know what is going to be my new keyboard and the mods is going to have. :)

[Link: rewiredgear]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   computer peripheral hacks   led   microcontroller   

Simulating Magic Eye Tubes With Spinning LEDs and Simple Electronics
posted April 29 2010 16:06.20

ac7zl simulates the magic eye tube operation with some motor mounted leds and some cheap electronics. The result is very realistic and a perfect solution for old times lovers.

[Link: hpfriedrichs]
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Tags: electronic project   diy   led   simulation   

Diy - Angel eyes
posted April 10 2010 8:00.28

dadovw is presenting an easy and cheap way of giving you auto-bike the angel eyes effect using simple materials and methods. The result is more that satisfactory.

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Tags: led   auto/moto   diy   

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