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PC suitcase
posted May 17 2010 17:18.46

V8Jagnut shows us a suitcase different from others, no space inside for your 1000$ suit but enough space to house a complete pc (not laptop). The best thing is the automated retractable keyboard, watch and have fun.

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Tags: crazy hack   computer peripheral hacks   

Microcontroller video game system (HQ)
posted May 14 2010 15:37.58

Luis Cruz from Honduras builded a video game system using 4 microcontrollers. One for the wireless controller (an atmega168), one for video, one for monophonic sound, and the last one that receives the information remotely from the IR LED in the controller. Yes, he also builded an IR contro...

[Link: EES]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   computer peripheral hacks   remote control (RC)   microcontroller   accelerometer   

USB Wireless Tilt Mouse + Minesweeper
posted May 14 2010 15:27.18

Skyler Schneider and Jack Ellsworth demonstrate their spring 2010 Cornell University ECE 4760 group project. The idea was a handheld mouse device that measures its tilt and then wirelessly transmits the data to a base unit, which is connected to a PC through a USB cable and can be recognized by certain mo...

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Tags: electronic project   diy   microcontroller   computer peripheral hacks   accelerometer   wireless   

LED Control Deck Mod
posted May 5 2010 17:57.04

nox771 took a Deck keyboard which is really nice and made an awesome mod of it. Deck has illuminated keys with a single led for each one but is either all on or all off, that changed dramatically since now each led is controlled individually giving the oportunity for some fantastic light paterns. In the site you can watch videos from various paterns and a detailed step by step explanation. Now i know what is going to be my new keyboard and the mods is going to have. :)

[Link: rewiredgear]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   computer peripheral hacks   led   microcontroller   

HDD Speaker(tune up)
posted April 28 2010 17:06.49

shows how to make your hdd speaker sound better and add a touch of hi fidelity. :)

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Tags: hdd   diy   music   computer peripheral hacks   

Use a cheap digital photoframe as a second display for your PC
posted April 20 2010 20:56.15

Spritesmods feature a nice hack on a cheapo keychain photoframe, the result is an 8fps mini movie streamer. Enjoy....

[Link: spritesmods]
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Tags: crazy hack   computer peripheral hacks   lcd   

Wireless Accelerometer Based Mouse
posted April 20 2010 20:39.43

A project work from 3 final-year students with heavy research behind it. Their project page has all the info you need and shows the amount of time spent creating this....

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Tags: computer peripheral hacks   wireless   accelerometer   

Computer mouse and keyboard hacks - custom video editing hardware
posted April 15 2010 18:58.34

demonstrates his impressive video editing rig made from hacked spare parts.

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Tags: crazy hack   computer peripheral hacks   diy   

Computer Mouse Mod Fan
posted April 14 2010 18:02.37

Reijerkolle made an air cooled mouse, simple hack but can be a super advantage to the hands of a hardcore gamer.

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Tags: computer peripheral hacks   gaming   

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