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Meet the nBot
posted June 29 2010 17:12.57

shynet and his friend made the nBot as a school project. The nBot is a moving robot that shoots a laser - the laser hits the opponent team laser detecting sensor (which is a small system attached to an Light Dependent Resistor - LDR). On each hit the opponent robot sends a hit signal to the main server, then the main server calculates the remain...

[Link: byshynet]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   robot   diy   laser   rc servo   computer peripheral hacks   cell phone hacks   remote control (RC)   microcontroller   accelerometer   

Picaxxo Beamed Canvas
posted June 28 2010 20:31.03

A few days ago we presented Gareth's work, the Picaxxo, a painting robot utilising a Wii-Mote tracking system for picking up an infrared triangle mounted to the back of a picaxe based robot.
Now an update version comes and provides more interactivity to the proje...

[Link: letsmakerobots]
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Tags: crazy hack   robot   diy   Wii   microcontroller   rc servo   

posted June 22 2010 21:30.51

Gareth from Let's make robots made a painting robot utilising a Wii-Mote tracking system for picking up an infrared triangle mounted to the back of a picaxe based robot.
After you start you prefered paint application the robot takes over and creativity begins. An original idea well executed, nothing more to say than let the colours flow.
Complete project log can be found here and of course much more robots at the site.

[Via: Let's make robots]    [Link: Let's make robots]
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Tags: crazy hack   robot   diy   rc servo   Wii   microcontroller   

Lego NXT controlled with Android smartphone via Bluetooth
posted June 21 2010 20:26.30

linuxgeocacher is demonstrating an application of NXTControl for remote controlling a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot via an Android powered mobile phone. The difference is that you no longer need an intermediate PC, you can directly control the NXT via Bluetooth. All you need to have is an Android powered smartphone with at least Android version 2.1. There is also an Action-Button for doing other things than moving around.
Instructions and source code can be found here.

[Link: ghoelzl]
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Tags: electronic project   robot   diy   rc servo   cell phone hacks   remote control (RC)   accelerometer   lego   

Lego Mindstorms NXT: X-2 First stair Step up 3 steps
posted June 18 2010 16:26.30

222Doc, co-author of Building Robots with LEGO Mindstorms NXT, after managing his Lego robot to make his first stair step now raises the challenge by steping up 3 steps!
The mechanics of weight balancing is brilliant and even though is a bit slow the robot manages to step up with confidence.
The maker claims is the first Lego biped to achieve this and we have no reason not to believe him. You can search more info here and here.
More Lego NXT projects can be found here.

[Link: nxtasy]
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Tags: robot   rc servo   mechanical   lego   

fire fighting robot using LEGO NXT group 4
posted June 16 2010 19:28.34

This video shows results form the final project work in the mobile robotics course MMT200 at Dept of Design Sciences, Lund University. The project was performed by Magnus Brange and John Ã…kesson. The robot (NXT operating under leJOS JVM) is controlled by a game controller connected to a computer which in turn communicates with NXT via Blue Tooth.
Don't expect water, this robot uses air to stop the fire but still manages it.

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Tags: electronic project   robot   rc servo   remote control (RC)   lego   research   wireless   

posted June 16 2010 18:54.18

Have you ever imagined owning a quadricopter with three axes accelerometer, two gyrometers [one axe & two axes], one ultrasound sensor and two cameras constructed from carbon fiber and high resistance PA66 plastic? And to go beyond, imagine to contr...

[Link: AR.Drone]
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Tags: commercial   rc servo   remote control (RC)   gaming   accelerometer   wireless   mechanical   

Wireless bluetooth arduino hexapod robot SPIDEE-1
posted June 15 2010 18:36.22

aggrav8d is building a hexapod called SPIDEE-1, i'm watching the progress he makes and now i think it is time to be presented.
You can check the Facebook page for updates and sourceforge for the 3D simulation environment to control and communicate serially with the haxapod.
It is a very nice effort and a plus to open source community so it worths your click.

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Tags: electronic project   robot   rc servo   microcontroller   wireless   mechanical   inventions   

Robot arm catching balls thrown across lab
posted June 11 2010 19:54.51

Christian Smith shows a demo of ball-catching using a custom robot arm at CAS.
The idea is to cover a large enough area in short enough time to be able to do this.

A 'large enough area' has been defined as a 0.6 m by 0.6 m window, based on the precision of a normal underhand ball toss. A 'short enough time' has been defined as 0.5 s, based on the flight time of ballistic objects and the reaction times of the teleoperated system.
In simulations the robot arm can, if started in the middle of the operating window, reach any point therein within 0.3 s, which should be fast enough and also impressive.
Seeing the video with a bad connection sometimes you wont even see the arm movement to catch the ball, that fast!
Complete documentation can be found here.

[Link: CAS]
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Tags: robot   electronic project   rc servo   inventions   mechanical   research   

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